​Technology for estate agents...., delivered by estate agents.

The starting point of Agent 2.0 is your customer’s journey. Then we look at how you can enhance that journey through the use of technology.​

If the use of technology can help you engage with more customers, more quickly, then what happens if that engagement is poor or even wrong. Agent 2.0 will guide you.

Processes should not be built around your technology.  You should choose and use the technology that supports your processes and goals. Agent 2.0 will guide you.

Picking the wrong technology can just create “Tasks” and increase the workload of your teams. Worse still, picking the wrong technology today may just mean it has to be replaced tomorrow.

Agent 2.0 looks at your customers, processes and goals and advises on what technology will assist you maximise your results. Agent 2.0 will future proof business so that as technology improves so does its use to you.

There is lots of talk about “Hybrid Agents” don’t get left behind. 

Ask me to spend a day with you and some of your frontline agents and we will improve your customer engagement, listings and sales.

Alternatively come to one of our forthcoming regional seminars.